A Model of Excellence

A Model of Excellence

Paragon Property Group... A Leading Retail Real Estate Developer With Nationwide Experience

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As your partner we place the highest value on trust, transparency, and dedication to you and your goals. Through a collaborative partnership we will create and execute your  customized growth strategy. Throughout the entire development process we work closely together with all parties involved to ensure a successful project.

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Award Winning Projects

The International Property Awards is a prestigious award program that recognizes excellence in real estate development, architecture, interior design, and more. In 2020, the award for Best Residential Property Development in the Americas went to One Thousand Museum, a luxury residential tower

development, redevelopment, and acquisitions.
development, redevelopment, and acquisitions.

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Creative Design

Creative design is an important aspect of real estate development, as it can help to create visually appealing and functional spaces that appeal to potential buyers or tenants. This can involve a range of design elements, from architectural features to interior design and landscaping.

Experience Style

Experience style in real estate refers to creating an immersive and memorable experience for potential buyers or tenants. It goes beyond just the physical features of the property and aims to create an emotional connection with the space.

Product Research

Product research in real estate involves gathering and analyzing data to better understand the market demand for different types of properties and features. This can help real estate developers and investors make informed decisions about where to invest