Our mission is to leverage the real estate expertise of our principals and partners to acquire fundamentally-sound real estate assets, and to utilize our expertise to maximize growth and profitability; allowing our clients, partners, and tenants a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Paragon Property Group is focused on 5 core values. These core values help us to achieve sustainable growth in all markets and to create value out of our heritage, scale, people, clients, and partners.


Did we do what we said we are going to do? We are constantly monitoring our progress against our objective to ensure that we perform to the highest standards.

Team Work

We understand that real estate development at its core is a team effort. Without the assistance of our vendors, clients, partners, tenants, and the public at large we would not survive as a company. For that we are forever grateful.


Commitment to people, society and the environment is second nature to PPG. We want to make a contribution to sustainable developments not only in our projects but also in the way we do business. Quality, Service and Advice are the values we express to our customers, as well as characteristics of our own internal organization.

Challenge The Status Quo

Externally, the status quo is yesterday’s business. If you’re doing things the way you always have, you know by now that someone, somewhere is figuring out how to make you obsolete.

Internally, the impact of the status quo is a stagnant culture that pushes away the drive and need to do something great.